Friday, July 22, 2011

Vacation, Vacation, has come and gone.

Until next I might have some mini vacations between  now and then but now (what I like to call) real vacations for more than a year from now....sad face.

The above picture is my grandma....she is my world. I'm so happy that she is still able to travel with us and make it to these wonderful family vacation destinations. She is more able than most younger people I know. 

Some of the ladies lounging in the water....picture perfect. Can you tell where we are? Kind of looks like some of the carribean places that I have been but's Florida. 

This little Octopus was adorable...well at least as adorable as an octopus can be right. He/She would not turn over I got the legs from the back view. 

Sunsets are always amazing....

This was our home away from home. All in all I was pleased with the home. Just a few complaints. Wish there was a screened in portion of the porch...the bugs were bad at night. The AC didn't seem to be working right and when I called the owners that acted as if it was no big deal (set on 72 and it never got below 79 during the day...not right...right?).

I know this isn't that crafty...but I promise...I will be back soon with a card to share that I'm making for my shoebox sister on the cricut message boards.