Friday, May 20, 2011

Mini can designs

I love the cricut community. The boards are an amazing place to meet amazing people who love their cricut and anything crafty. I was in a swap recently called mini mini mini paint can swap. Each person was paired up with a partner. The partners were to decorate a paint can and fill it with goodies for their partner. I've had this gal as a partner in two different swaps this one I knew she was my partner the other swap she was a secret. I didn't know she was designing for me.

Here's the one that I comparison to what she made me. I love the colors and the design I just think she out did me. I had to lift the pictures she posted on message board of my can to my rush to get it mailed out to her I forgot to take pics.

Now here's the one she made for me, this beautiful can was designed by Heart2hand (her message board name). She is so creative. She had made the stick pin and the flower you can see near the right side of this picture and the little black flower near the bottom left hand corner. 

The below darling little charm that was hanging from the paint can handle....she made it as well. I love it. I never really realized how much I love red. I knew I liked it and it was the color of my "girls" dresses in my wedding but she makes me love it. 

If you love what this amazing lady can do please visit her blog and check out all of the other amazing things that she does! Trust'll love the inspiration that you get just by looking at some of the things that she does. I've never tried my hand at these handmade charms but you better believe after getting this one I'm going to get my feet wet and give it a try.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Graduation....long time coming

Graduation...oh my...what a wonderful accomplishment. I started college straight out of high school but after four years complete (five year degree was supposed to be the plan) I had to put my education on happened. I wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember. Science and Math....I was/am good with anything that has to do with numbers. A marriage and two children later I decided to go back to school but I had to change my major. Business, the next best thing I guess....I wouldn't be working with kids but I could certainly work with numbers. By completely changing my major I added an extra year and a half to my already completed four years. It took a time span of ten years (from start to first four years my break of four and a half years and then my final year and a half of school)...I'm proud. It took a long time but I never gave up on that part of my educational goal. 

They had bag pipes play us into the arena. When one thinks of bag pipes they don't really think..."oh how pretty" but it sounded amazing. With the back drop meaning every work....YOU DID IT....yes, we finally did. This school was full of the non-traditional student. By that I meant we were no longer in our early twenties, most of us had a family and a full-time job to juggle with the stress of papers and finals....and we did it, despite the odds. 

I was trying to find my family up in the balcony area but these bright lights kept me from doing so. Little did I know I was looking right at them. In this picture I'm multitasking...I'm trying to shield my eyes from the light to find my family and hold my cap on. My "poofy" hair didn't want to let it stay on. At one point it did eventually fall off...ssssoooo glad it wasn't when I was walking across the stage.

I'm not in this picture...the hand(blur) in the bottom right hand corner is blocking where I would have been. I wanted to share this because I'm proud of all the people that graduated that day....even though I knew none of them...they deserved it, I know they worked just as hard as I did.

My mother-in-law was my photographer for the day...she captured this photo...I'm not sure what it is and I don't recall seeing it while I was there but I though it looked neat so I wanted to share. 

The stage...before we entered...trees in on the screen behind the chair. Trying to figure out what trees symbolize for the creator of this back drop. What are they supposed to mean to all the graduates that will be sitting in their seats waiting to cross this stage to receive their "diploma" (piece of paper telling you if you completed all your requirements and submitting the diploma application you would receive it in 6-8 weeks). creations today but I'll be back with more soon...I'm think scrapbook page for graduation...what do you think?