Saturday, April 30, 2011

Crusin' and loving the tropical destinations!

I've been going thru old photos trying to figure out how I would like to scrap them and I came across some photos from our 2nd Disney cruise. My husband and I took our first cruise in 2004 for our honeymoon and from that point fwd. we fell in love with crusin'. We wanted to share that joy with our son and any future children we had. Our son got to go on his very first cruise when he was just five years old and he loved every minute of it. I decide to make the layout simple so the pictures are the focal point. I used an oldie but goodie, it's a classic.. George and Basic Shapes. I got the inspiration from a layout I seen a long time ago, I just can't recall where I had seen it.

I do apologize for the picture quality, I couldn't get my camera to work so I used my phone. Typically it takes pretty good photos but it is making a liar out of me tonight. In these particular photos we were on Disney's Island called Castaway Cay and a few from the ships pool. The ship on the right hand page is a mock up of Pirates of the Caribbean and made the best photo spot. I'm big on double layouts and being able to include as many pictures as possible. I'm a picture fool. I love taking them, editing them and creating lasting memories. Most of the time I'm not in them due to always being on the "taking" end.

My son, he does so well in front of the camera or he did so well in front of the camera when he was younger. Now he is "too cool" to pose for mom and he never smiles when I want him to anymore. I don't recall what brand of paper I used as most of it is in stacks without the original packaging. I just love the bright blue and green togther and the patterned page makes the picture of my son pop.

Here's my family....the little dark haired boy is my life (my son) the tall guy next to him is my best friend (my husband). The blondie boy is my nephew, standing next to him is my sister and to the left of her my brother. I travel with my family....I love it, family is so important to me. I left the blue spot open for journaling...I have to dig thru the dust in my head to think back to that day. My not procrastinate in scrapbooking your memories. I have and I have trouble remembering sounds, sights, know all the stuff you want to remember and jot down in the journal box.

Well I do hope you enjoyed my cute but simple layout today. I will try to be back soon to post more.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No. 2 pick for my sister's baby shower

My sister couldn't just pick one type of invitation (I made three different samples) and she picked the onesie that I posted yesterday but she also thought the duck was adorable as well. So here is the second half of the invitations.

You can't see it very well but I took a vote on the duck's beak...should I just leave it matte black or should I glossy accent it up. I love that stuff! I had 4 voters and three of them like the glossy accent. They say it matches the eye. Below is an open view...again I will be printed on another paper to put inside with all the detailed information for the shower. This is a time that I could really use that imagine (I don't have one, sad face). I'm holding out for the anniversary addition that will have the capability to use both types of cartridges....I think that is going to be awesome! 

Again, I only used one cartridge for this invitation...New Arrival again. I used the gypsy to format the duck image into a "card". This one is a little bigger than the A2 size envelope so I have to go on the hunt for another type of envie for these guys.

Hope anyone reading enjoyed my post and I look fwd. to posting more often. I may not be able to post everyday but at least a few times a week. That is my goal for now. I would like to post everyday but I don't believe there are enough hours in the day with a full-time job, two children and a husband. LOL! The day should be longer, don't you think?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My sister is having a baby...

My sister is having a baby in July and being the great sister that I am I'm throwing the shower for her. I'm finally feeling better (months later) so I figure this is the perfect time to start creating. I can't just go and buy invitations so I had to make my own. I wanted to give her options so I made a couple samples. She has decided to do half and half....little cute girl onesies and a hot pink duck (I'll show this one later). I didn't want to make them too time consuming so this is what I came up with. I hope you enjoy.

I wanted to include a side view with the invitation open so you could get the idea of what it would look like to the reader. I'll be typing the location, date and all the other info on a peice of paper to put on the inside of the "card".

I only used one cartridge to make this invitation...New Arrival (oldie but goodie). I used my gypsy to alter the image and make it a card. I look fwd. to posting more often and sharing my creations with anyone who might be interested in looking.