Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A card for a new friend......

Today's post is in conjunction with yesterdays post. It's about the same wonderful gal from the same wonderful cricut message boards. That's the great thing about the message boards. You meet new people and build friendships that could last a long time.

In the swap that I'm in the leader (awesome lady Heart2Hand) gives us 20 days worth of words (a different word/phrase for each day). One of the days stated that we had to make a handmade centerstep card. Now I'm not a card "maker" by any means but I do admit it as caught my eye. I like learning new things and I LOVE all things handmade. So, needless to say I'm a scrapper with a card making ability

For my first centerstep card ever I have to say I'm pretty proud of myself. Now I recycled the stamp image that is in the center of the card. I'm all about re-using when I can to do my part to help keep the world we live in as clean. I'm trying to do my part to "be green"!

I apologize for the terrible camera was not working with me. My partner is again...very found of brown but she did mention that she like the combo of brown and silver together. I had plain white flowers that I inked with a little brown and put a white brad in the center of each flower. I look at it now and think that it's too simple but I didn't want to add too much and make it look strange with all the elements. I hope my partner (CricutJunky) likes her card. 

The side view is really terrible...the glare is just awful. I just posted it to show the details of the "centerstep" design. I like this design and plan to start making my own cards instead of buying them. I'll work on my method...polish up my designing techniques and I should have really good cards to show (eventually). Well...I hope you enjoyed the post today and I hope to be back soon with more posts.


  1. This card is just too cute...YOU did a great job on it Heather...


    PS..thank you for all the kind words :)

  2. Thank you and you are very welcome!