Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A shoebox re-designed

I'm currently in a swap on the cricut.com message boards. I'm telling you, I'm so addicted to those things. They are so much fun and a great way to get to know someone. My partner (message board name CricutJunky) is an awesome lady. She loves brown and she is just starting out in the scrapbooking world so she was so easy to put together a box for. I like the freedom of being able to help build their "tool" stock but I'm nervous because I tend to send things that I like using versus what they might like to use. She states she will be happy with anything and she did give me direction on some things she believes she will like to try....hope I followed her directions well enough.

Anywho....here is the "shoebox" that I re-designed for her. She loves the color brown and likes most of the other colors (only exception would be black...she doesn't like black). I stayed away from black and kept the base (the major color in the project) brown. I hope she doesn't peek at my blog before she gets her package (she is supposed to get it this Friday). The pictures aren't the greatest...and you can't really see the detail of the item that I used (I can't mention what it is in case she does look at my blog...don't want to give her gifts away too much).

This is the lid...the tag like option in the (your) bottom left hand corner I left open so she could write in whatever it is that she was going to store in the box. I love labeling things so I know where I put stuff so I wanted to giver her that option as well. I'll be back tomorrow to show the card that I made for her. Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Love the altered box...I'm sure she will too.