Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bluum Box Review: For 4 month old boy

This months theme was grab and go. While I've read many reviews that claim there is no real theme to the box. The products in the box are said to never really match the theme, I thought this one did. At least, I thought, most of the products matched the theme. Let me first start by saying I was very pleased with this months box. My son will love everything in the box that was meant for him. This box, unlike last months box, was geared more toward the baby vs. the mom and I really like that. I subscribed to the box for my son afterall.

First up, Brain Rules For Baby. I've seen a lot of online reviews about this book, all good. I haven't had time to sit down and read it yet but I look forward to having a little time to see what this book is all about. Bluum values the book at $15 I found it online for $12 (even cheaper if you have a kindle).

Second, we got some organic calming cream. It's recommend for those that have sensitive skin and eczema. I'm eager to try this on my 4 year old daughter who has bad break outs of eczema on the backs of her legs. The doctors want me to use a steriod cream but I really want to avoid that if at all possible. So far we have found that aquaphor healing onitment works really well but it can get pretty expensive depending on where you buy it. This cost $13 per bluum but I found a full size traveling kit (with two additional products) for only $11 online. I hope this works because I will buy more.

Next we got a couple Ella's kitchen full size samples to try. I haven't started foods with my little guy yet (maybe in another month or so) so I can't give a good review on these products yet. I do like that they are organic as I plan to make my own food to avoid all those chemicals in processed baby food. These would be perfect when we are traveling and I can't really take my homemade items along. I have read that most of Ella's products are pretty flavorful. Bluum values these each at $1.89. I believe they are in stores near me at $1.99 and online I couldn't find them any cheaper than $2.28.

We love this product. Mommy love it because it's soft and he can't hurt himself with it. Most rattles are hard and 4 month olds can't control their hand/arm movements all the way yet so he's constantly "hitting himself". It is also really easy for him to hold and the rattle is a good rattle. you know how some tend to be really annoying and loud and others are so soft you can't really hear them....this one has a noise level that is perfect! Bluum values this at $5.00 and I couldn't find it for less the $7.00.

Here's another item we love. This elephant is really soft and the legs/arms/nose give the little one several things to grab onto. Bluum values this at $10.00 and I couldn't find this exact item anywhere online....I found something made by the same company similar size and it was valued at $15.00.

This item was for me. It's Numi Organic Tea-Garden mix. I'm not a huge hot tea drinker (I prefer mine in the summer and cold) but these odd flavors have me wondering what they taste like. They sound as though they would be good to soothe a cold. That's if you don't have time for soup.I will try them and give my thoughts on them later. Bluum values this at $8.00 and I found it online for $6.19

So total bluum value $54.78 compared to my online research value $55.75. So as you can see I actually valued this box higher than bluum did. I'm very impressed this month and glad that we will be getting a box next month. I really believe that I'm getting what I paid plus some with each of these boxes!

If you'd like to try bluum or gift it to someone click here.

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