Thursday, September 19, 2013

It's Been too long

Hey everyone, it's been a really long time and a lot has happened. I will get to all of that soon but first I want to let you know that the direction of my blog is going to change. I still love making things and I will still post about making those things (when I get the time again) but I want to change the focus to my opinions of everything. By that I mean I will be doing lots of reviews. When I'm in search of a new vacation sport, product or even a new resturant I go to the interenet in search of what other people think about the particular item/place I'm interested in. Those reviews really do help me make a decision and I hope to be helpful to other people.

Now onto why I've been MIA for a LONNNNGGGGG time. I had a baby!!!! The pregnancy was unlike the other two that I had been thru, they were a breeze. There were some complications with this pregnancy/baby but in the end I had a healthy baby boy. He was born on June 14th. I took the max amount of time off work to spend with all three of my children...12 weeks! I just recently came back to work and life is starting to fall back into it's normal pace. So needless to say I was an emotional wreck during my nine months....actually only 7 of those were emotional all the "stuff" doesn't usually kick in until around 6-8 weeks.

I made a few things during my pregnancy for the new baby that I absolutely adore. Sewing has become one of my favorite things to do (when I have time of course).

This is a puff quilt that I made:

I also made a boppy cover but blogger is being complicated right now and will not let me post anymore photos. I will try to edit later and add it.

I didn't know the gender of the baby while I was pregnant. That was the most exciting thing that I have ever done my life. I can't explain the thrill of finding out at birth. I will highly recommend this to anyone asks (I found out with my first two and decided to wait with the third).

Speaking of babies and all things baby I will have a post soon on Bluum box. I hadn't heard of it before. I went to open a box of pampers for my new baby and a little insert fell out with a 50% off your first box. I was curious so I went to the internet to search for reviews. It's a mix, some people love it and some people hate it.

I'm taking a chance...I signed up for a year. Now I know those haters out there are going to say I'm crazy but I feel like to really give products/companies a chance I need to give them (in this case) more than just a couple of boxes to prove themselves to me. Besides it should be completely worth it, I got a pretty good deal for doing a year (almost 4 boxes free). The normal fee is $24.95 (or something like that) per month if you sign up for more than a month (3,6 or 12) they discount it.

My first box arrived today, I can't wait to get the chance to bust it open later tonight and tell you all about it.

That's all I have for right now, next up bluum box review.

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