Thursday, November 21, 2013

Love With Food Box Review

Love with Food is another type of subscription service. The box comes monthly and the prices range from $10 - $19.95 per month depending on what type of box you get and the length of time you sign up for. If you would like to try love with food you can click here. Quick disclaimer, I did receive this box for free to review and blog about the service. My first impression of the box was that it was STUFFED with goodies. As soon as I opened the box stuff was literally falling out. Before opening the box I have never had any of these products.

I'm not a huge coconut fan. I like the flavor but the texture just doesn't agree with me so I was hesitant to try these chips. They were not my favorite because they still had that coconut texture but they were not as bad as I was fearing. Since they are toasted it gives it a little easier texture for me to handle. The flavor was really yummy though.

I have no idea how to use this product and I was too terrified to try it. I’m going to do a little more google searching and try to find a way to use these. I did notice that the “pearls” look as though they all busted in transit.

This bar was awesome. My breakfast never lasts until I am able to take a lunch at work. This bar curbs the hunger and gets me thru until I can get to lunch and I was able to eat just a small salad for lunch and still feel full until dinner later that evening. I would recommend this item to friends and family.

Here’s another item that I just couldn’t bring myself to try. I have a huge issue with texture and pureed foods just wouldn’t sit well with me. However I will be saving it for my son who just turned five months. We just now started introducing him to cereal and he’s tried one veggie. When he gets to combination items (in a few more months) I will let him give this a try.

These were ok. They didn’t have a lot of flavor but they weren’t terrible. If they were in my bag and I needed a little snack to get me thru dance class or a sporting event that I’m at for my children I would certainly eat these no problem.
Hard candy is always a must for me in the winter time because of colds and coughing. I hate cough drops and will only use them when nothing else will work. I prefer to keep hard candies around to keep that scratchy throat in check. This is a good addition to my stash. They were yummy.

Here's the one item I shared with my family. My husband and daughter both enjoyed the gum. The flavor didn't last as long as I would have hoped but when you first started chewing it was good.

Overall I thought this box was worth the $10. I'm pretty sure that's the box that I got to review. I would have to see the larger box to see if it was worth the $19.95. This box is a great way to try new types of food that you typically wouldn't pick up at the store yourself. LWF is running a deal right now. If you sign up bfore December first you get a free 2 year sub to Rachel Ray Magazine.

If you try Love With Food let me know what you think.

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